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Imagine with me . . . 

a more loving, inclusive, healthy and just world for all -- a world where we embrace and respect our diversity; where we remember we're all in this together.

Hi! I'm Jenny G. Randolph, and I believe we build this new world together through LOVE.

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It's a world of RADICAL INCLUSION, where we live by the truth that whatever our race, color, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical ability, age, culture, nationality, religious beliefs, socio-economic status, background, likes and dislikes, we all EQUALLY BELONG.

It's the world Jesus and other spiritual teachers  have shown us how to create. It happens NOW through you and me, through thoughts and actions, within and without, as we choose Love over fear.

It requires SOULFUL LEADERS big and small, those who already see themselves as leaders and those who don't, people from all walks of life, to show up and lead the way with open hearts and minds, learning and growing, tuned in to their higher-selves and Higher Power, taking action that amplifies LOVE.

As a spiritual coach, I'm committed to guiding those leaders.

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Serve LOVE'S HIGHEST PURPOSE in your life. 

Six simple yet powerful questions to ask yourself each day.

About me

I'm a former lawyer, former therapist, now channel and spiritual coach. I help you access your deepest KNOWING and HIGHER POWER for answers to your biggest questions, so you can live a life of purpose, service, and meaning at the highest levels.

It's about being fully supported to gracefully move through any personal and professional transformations--to discover more truly who you are and what you are meant to be and do. 

It's about connecting deeply with your HIGHER-SELF and CREATOR, so you can hear the divine call of your heart to live your most AUTHENTIC LIFE and serve your own UNIQUE CONTRIBUTION.

Whether you are

  • wondering "What is my purpose exactly?"
  • struggling in your mission to help
  • looking for higher levels of meaning and service, or
  • asking "What's next for me?"
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It's my job to guide you to your soulful purpose and meaningful impact. 


"Jenny guided me in remembering that I have purpose and a divine right to live it. She helped me break through large barriers that were standing in my way. I am now confident of the steps to move forward. Working with Jenny has reignited a passion for life that I thought was forever lost."

-Arianne Moore, Women's Empowerment Coach

It's time to shine your LIGHT!

I'm guessing you are someone who strives to grow and you want to make a positive difference in the world. If you're like me, it doesn't mean you don't have your down days, where it all seems too frustrating, overwhelming and dark. 

Sometimes you may even feel like you just don't fit in to the norm of this 3-D world! ("Did I land here from another planet?!") You often feel DIFFERENT FROM THE CROWD.

But while you've known struggle, you've grown and learned from it. You've become a light for others. You believe there is a higher, guiding force in your life. 

I get it! Like me, you're a SEEKER and a DREAMER, who is here to bring light to the darkness, shake up the status quo, and be the change. 

I'm so glad you're here! I look forward to helping you shine.

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Discover your best way  to learn and grow with me

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Spiritual Coaching
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Soulful Living Course
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Spiritual Community
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A guidebook for these unprecedented times.

Remember your true nature and purpose, so you can be part of the change. 

A spiritually transforming look at topics like soul, purpose, compassion, depression, addictions and abuse, darkness and light, forgiveness, relationships, sex, masturbation, and shame.

Channeled by Jenny for the angelic High Council, a group that includes the guide Jesus and the archangels, who are gathered to guide us.

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