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The Circle is a monthly virtual support group for influencers, changemakers, and lightworkers, giving them the spiritual coaching they need to bring their soulful purpose to the world.

Is the Circle for me?

Yes, if you've got a big dream upon your heart, a deep soul calling from your Creator.

You're a lightworker, change-maker, leader, or influencer of heart and soul on a mission to make a difference in the world. 

You've gotten really good at going it alone, but it's a trap. It's wearing you out. It's easy to start to feel overwhelmed, tired, lost, and down. Sometimes you lose your way and your light feels dim in the darkness.

That stops here!

It's time to fill your gas tank! It's time to get the spiritual and energetic support you need to be the bright light in the darkness.

That's what monthly sessions in the Circle are all about!

It's a sacred and magical space filled with unconditional love and angelic support. It's a chance to raise your vibration, gain insights, heal, and let go to be uplifted, so you can better tackle the struggles in your life and open to the opportunities in order to build your vision and follow your dreams.

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"We succeed better together and with a strong connection with SOURCE."

~ Jenny

“I am so thankful for this connection in the Circle, because it is reaffirming and it’s encouraging. If I didn’t have this, I don’t know how I’d do it. I look forward to it. I’m so thankful for it. I remember before I had all this, I just felt so lost. The Circle has changed my life profoundly.”

~ Ellen

Learn directly from Jesus and the archangels

The Circle connects you with teachings from the High Council, through me (Jenny) as your channel, to elevate and shift your energy, bring you peace and clarity, and expand your awareness and consciousness. 

You may be asking: "Whose the High Council?" They are an angelic group in the spiritual realm that includes the guide Jesus and the archangels, who are here to help us at this time.

In 2013, one quiet morning at home, while I was meditating, I felt my angels and Jesus near. I heard them say in an inner voice: "You are on our team. You have an assignment to write for us."

I said YES (after first freaking out a bit!). A year later, I had scribed the book Love's Curriculum: Messages of Enlightenment for the High Council. In the book, the High Council shares that they work with you through the book but also beyond it.

They can work with you directly and also through me and other healers, guides, and channels. As a channel, I've been given the assignment and gift to hear messages that are to be shared with you and others. It's important to remember, though, that each person, including you, can learn to better hear, see, and feel God guiding your life and work. Each person may develop a personal relationship with Jesus as a guide and hear his guidance. Each person can work with angels. Of course, YES! The Circle can help strengthen these connections and aid this awakening for you.

The Circle is an opportunity to grow and learn and expand through divine guidance and connection. 

It's an opportunity to

  • heal and release what blocks you
  • gain insights
  • take leaps in consciousness
  • expand your energy and ability to send out and receive Love
  • strengthen your connection to Jesus, the angels, and your Creator
  • join in loving community with other lightworkers
  • get the support you need to stay on your path
  • embody and express Christ Consciousness
  • And much more . . . 

It's also a chance for personal support in the group.

During our monthly session, I'll also tune in to Spirit to answer participants' personal questions. 

Depending on group enrolment and attendance, not everyone will have a chance to ask a question each month. However, the answers for one person have group application. It's an opportunity to see yourself in the other and be willing to gain the wisdom, direction, and insight you need.

It's a chance to witness that we are all truly connected. 

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Here's what's included in the Monthly Circle

For just $33 a month you get:


A 60 minute live online group session each month with Jenny (via Zoom)

  • approximately 30 minutes is a healing, guided, meditative, instructional channeled experience with the High Council
  • approximately 30 minutes of Q&A with the High Council, angels and guides


Access to recordings of the High Council channeling portion of our monthly sessions (private questions are not recorded) will be made available to you.


BONUS #1 - Access to Past Sessions

Start now and you also get access to 9 months worth of past Circle Sessions (60 minutes each). These sessions are from the first year of the Circle and are light and love-filled guided, channeled experience and wisdom from the High Council to help you expand, heal, and gain insights into your path and purpose.

BONUS #2 - Meditation Gifts

Start now and receive the Daily Meditation Set and Hospice Meditation

  • a channeled morning and nighttime meditation to help you stay on track each day
  • a channeled meditation for letting go (great for hospice situations) 

GUARANTEE: If within 30 days of joining you decide the Circle is not for you, I'm happy to issue you a full refund. Just reach out to me at [email protected]

Join the Circle today

The Love's Curriculum Circle Can Help You Find Your Way

This is an opportunity for you heal, gain insights, learn, and take leaps in your life. When we join together we grow faster and expand farther. 

Now is a critical time. As lightworkers, and soulful influencers, leaders, and changemakers, we are being called to amplify Love, to build a New Earth and express our true divine nature as Christ Consciousness.

When you join the Circle, you enter a loving, safe, dynamic, and connected space.

You are welcomed as students by the High Council into the spiritual realm from which they teach. They call it the University. 

It's a place where you can expand, heal, and connect with your soul and purpose, and the guides that work with you.

A place where you can be supported in fulfilling and manifesting your dreams and purpose.  

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"Jenny’s connection to the Divine and the clear messages that she channeled for us were precious and brought clarity and awareness to our purpose here on earth. Her willingness to channel Divine messages is a gift from Heaven, and we feel so honoured and moved by her inspired lessons of peace, love and light from the High Council. We are so grateful that Jenny is awakening the world to Love!”

Don & Lisa Hogue, Louise Hay Heal Your Life Coaches & Facilitators

"Our monthly channeled message from The High Council is always very inspiring."

I thought for anyone who is interested that I would let you know as a Circle Member what it means to me.  It has helped me a great deal to do with some issues that I have had for quite a while. Being able to directly communicate with the High Council through Jenny is wonderful. The guided meditation is always very powerful and helps in unimaginable ways. I have had a problem with meditation for most of my life and I found it very difficult, but with the help of the High Council and Jenny I am making progress.

 ~ Teresa

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An Important Message From the High Council

Dearest ones, we are your angelic team. We are here to align the Light. We can help you. Humans need to be in touch with their souls to survive. They need to remember that they come from far and high to be the angels in action in the world, to help wake up the souls that are lost. They help them remember: God is Love; they are One with God.

We help now as we have through the ages. There is nothing new age about us. We are entering a New Age however. The Age of Aquarius. You are evolving as a planet and species. More and more will see that we walk with you, just like the ancestors are here with you.

~ The High Council

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About your Channel & Coach

Jenny is an author, speaker, channel and spiritual coach, whose vision and life’s work are all about amplifying Love on the planet and helping us live and serve in soulful alignment with God. She was featured on Hay House Radio's Bright New Voices, in Visionary Insight Press's Spiritual Leaders Top Picks, and hosts the AMPLIFY LOVE Podcast.

Formerly a lawyer, Jenny left law to find her true purpose. She became a mother of three and therapist. When she saw her first angel in the Calgary Airport, Jenny discovered her ability to bridge people to the spiritual realm for answers and direction. In 2013, she heard Jesus and the angels tell her she had an assignment to write the book Love's Curriculum for them. This spiritual guidebook became a #1 Amazon International BestsellerJenny's been called a Renaissance Woman, a Soul Advocate, Dream Doula, Earth Angel, and Channeling Consigliere. As a spiritual coach, she is here to support the biggest visions of your heart and soul.

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Jenny is committed to guiding influencers, leaders, and change-makers who want to build a world where we embrace and respect our diversity to create an inclusive, loving, caring and just world for all. She helps remind you that you are Love, you are loved, and you are divinely guided by your Creator. 

An Invitation from the High Council

"Welcome to the Circle of Love, the Team for Love, the Family for Love. If this is your path, welcome, and BE THE LIGHT. We applaud you and welcome you. You are to help connect and wake up with others. We applaud you." 

~ The High Council  

It's time to change your life!

Start getting the spiritual support and guidance you need today. 

As soon as you join, you'll get access to the meditations and the 9 Recorded Sessions of channeled wisdom and enlightening experience. So you can start right away if you wish, even before your first monthly Circle session.

And remember the GUARANTEE: If within 30 days of joining you decide the Circle is not for you, I'm happy to issue you a full refund. Just reach out to us at [email protected]

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