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It's time for your next level of meaning and impact.

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Is uniquely tailored personal coaching with me, Jenny G. Randolph, as your spiritual coach and guide. It's all about going to that next level of your creation and contribution. It's about using your platform, mic, resources, influence, leadership and reach to make an even bigger positive impact in the world.

Different than typical life coaching or business coaching, I help you find clarity and direction to build your dreams in connection with your Higher Power and spiritual guidance. We work together in a way that honors your soul's true path and the calling the Creator placed upon your heart.

We look passed what you think your dream should be or what others want you to build, and we're not looking for what simply makes logical sense. Nope. Not on my watch.

Instead, I'm talking about building your next SOULFUL creation and contribution. It's the one directed by your higher-self and lit by inspiration. It's the one that touches your heart, resonates with your deepest being, and makes your whole body tingle in confirmation that you're on the right path.

That's your next level.

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At the end of your life, you want to know you did all you could with the success you achieved and the blessings you received.

You've woken up to see the truth of what really matters. You go within and look for deeper meaning. You work on yourself to grow, be authentic, and make the most of life.

You've been through some really hard things, but you've learned so much and you see the gifts in the struggle. You're a light now for others. It's a bit cliche, but you're a lemonade out of lemons kind of person; your glass is half full.

If any of this is resonating, then you're in the right place. 

Maybe you do personal development, yoga, meditate, practice gratitude, journal, or make an effort to bring laughter and joy. You might read self-help books, listen to podcasts, attend retreats, go to therapy, see an energy healer or psychic. In fact, you might be a writer, trainer, coach, podcast or media host, facilitator, therapist or healer yourself.

You strive to bring better energy to the world around you. You've grown as a person and have let go of some baggage from your past. While everything isn't "perfect" -- cause life is messy and we never stop learning and growing -- you've been through a lot and come a long way.

You're tapped in, turned on, but something is STILL MISSING.

No matter the success you've already achieved, in your heart you know there's a next level; there's MORE you're here to be and do. You want to leverage your influence, leadership, and hard-earned success to make an even bigger difference at this pivotal time in history. 

That's when Soulful Legacy CoachingTM is designed to help. I assist you to go to that next level -- to contribute bigger, to help more people, to bring love and joy in larger ways, to express boldy and with more effect -- and in a way that feels deeply supportive, authentic, and meaningful. 

Your heroes might include Martin Luther King Jr., Princess Diana, Gandhi, Maya Angelou, Louise Hay, Harriet Tubman, John Lennon, Gloria Steinem, Wayne Dyer, Fred Rogers, or other heart-centered movers and shakers who shone their light upon the world. 

In your own way, you want to follow in their footsteps to create positive impact that is a gift to the world.

Impact that 

  • empowers women
  • builds peace and cooperation
  • ends racism
  • establishes equality among all peoples
  • creates inclusion for all
  • secures equal rights for LGBTQ+
  • develops and promotes sustainable ways to live on the planet
  • supports good health, education, and welfare for children
  • saves the animals
  • creates healthy relationships 
  • helps people heal and grow, and experience life with more happiness, joy, health and fulfillment

As I see it, it's all about amplifying Love to build a more inclusive, healthy, and just world for all. And you're here to help.

The formula for making the contribution you want to make is simple:

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But I'm not talking about just any power, any purpose, or any change.

And, I'm certainly not talking about ego or looking good.

Our work together is about matching your philanthropic desires with your higher-self and tapping into your Creator for new levels of support, meaning, energy, focus, and passion, and for clearer direction.

When we look at those leaders above, they were tuned in to a higher power, whether they named it as such or not. A higher ideal moved through them. Inspiration, love, radical new ideas, creativity, caring for their fellow human beings, and the energy of something bigger expressed through their messages and missions.

They were tapped in and turned on by something bigger than themselves.

To lead and serve like that (whether in big stadium-filled ways or in smaller circles and communities) you need to go DEEP within and reach up HIGH to access the


  • the PURPOSE the CREATOR placed upon your heart, and 

  • the POWER of LOVE to bring about the highest good, dispel fear, and create lasting change.

When you do this, your desire to help becomes your very own SOULFUL LEGACY of Love.

It's a leap to a whole new level!

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As your coach, I'm here to guide you to that next level.

You'll have the opportunity to get to know yourself, your struggles, your past, your soul, your personality, and heart's desires, in new and deeper ways, then apply this learning to serve your purpose with more meaning, presence, passion, and joy. 

You'll have the opportunity to

  • gain a higher, divine perspective about your life
  • receive direction about your next right action
  • strengthen your relationship with your Creator
  • be inspired
  • be kinder and gentler with yourself
  • know your passion
  • take focused action
  • listen to what your heart really wants
  • feel peace, knowing you're on track doing and being all you are here to do and be
  • find your voice
  • move through blocks and limiting beliefs
  • go beyond fear and resistance
  • feel deeply fulfilled

Sounds good, right?! 

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You want these experiences and results.

Maybe you've even achieved them in the past.

So why does it feel hard to go to that next level? Take the next leap? Why are things like fear, doubt, uncertainty, and old limiting beliefs becoming issues again? 

Despite your successes, things like speaking your truth, taking risks, trusting the journey, believing in yourself and your dreams, knowing what to do next and actually doing it, can still allude you; they can still be challenges.

From first-hand experience and helping others as a therapist and coach, I've learned these four things about the courageous decision to get in the arena and create and contribute, rather than sit on the sidelines:

1. Growth is never done

Every new leap requires another dive into personal transformation. The pain and struggle is the fuel for your becoming and awakening. It's an ongoing evolution. 

2. Bigger dreams = bigger support

The bigger that next level for you, the bigger the vision and dream, then the bigger the stretch, the leap, and the challenges, which means the bigger the support you need;

3. Stretching past your comfort zone is never easy

Even if you've done it before--even if you've done it a hundred times. Each time you take new risks and dream bigger, you're entering new territory. Like the caterpillar's transition to butterfly, you must let go of what's been to step into what is calling you. Each time it requires you to face change and get support; and

4. Resistance, fear, and doubt aren't going away

Every time you step out to shine a little brighter, to contribute more goodness in the world, to amplify love, to follow God's plan in your life, you'll face resistance from the ego--that part of your mind that judges you harshly, that compares and tells you you're not good enough and that there's not enough. It's the place where you're still afraid of your light. It's part of being human. You need to navigate it. 

Here's the hard truth:

Life isn't going to magically set before you a shiny path absent of obstacles -- even when you know your purpose, have a dream on your heart, and want to live it. 

That's where spiritual coaching with me comes in to help.

Here's the good news! There is a way to slay the dragons, scale the boulders, fight off the flying monkeys, see through the fog, climb out of the potholes, step out of the closet and turn on the light, so you can move forward with grace to build your soulful vision and next level of impact.

I know because I've used the methods I share with my clients to leave a successful law practice and courageously follow my true purpose, to consciously and lovingly navigate relationship endings and create healthy family, to help my kids thrive through divorce, to come out as a spiritual channel, to come out as LGBTQ+ at 48, to build real and supportive friendships, and to take huge leaps into new and exciting opportunities.

I've transformed through some really messy looking struggles to go to the next level on my path to create an authentic life of freedom, fun, deep meaning, passion, and service.

Whatever your situation, the next level is available for you too. And I'm here to help you get there. 

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Here's how Soulful Legacy CoachingTM is EXTRAordinary and unique, one-of-a- kind support.

Well, for one, you get me as your coach. I'm a bit of a unicorn as a former lawyer, former therapist, spiritual channel, three-time divorced mom of three, who came out as queer at 48. I've worked diligently and consciously to learn and grow through hard decisions and circumstances to reveal who I really am and how I came to serve.

It started with leaving law after making a deep commitment to myself and God that I would let Spirit guide my life. It took courage to step outside the box to leave unhealthy and untrue marriages. I had to overcome the well-learned practice of silencing my voice, twisting and bending, and dimming down to please others, because for so many years I incorrectly believed I had to change and hide who I was to be loved and fit in. 

It's a continuing journey, and all of it is valuable for who I am today and how I can help you. The same is true about your journey and struggles: they're all meaningful to who you are today and how you want to serve. We'll reveal that in our work together too. 

What's this all mean for you?

You get sessions filled with a ton of compassion and love, and backed by over two decades of personal experience. I also bring over a decade of experience assisting others on their journey of self-exploration, and my skills and experience as a transpersonal counselling therapist lend further foundation for our work.

Then I sprinkle a bit of mystical unicorn-magic in there, too, by sharing my gift of  being able to bridge you to the spiritual realm for out of this world insight. You'll see how the divine Higher Power that placed that calling upon your heart is there to empower you to live it. 

I'll help you consult your SOUL TEAM of angels, guardians, ancestors, spiritual teachers, and loved ones for answers to your biggest questions. You'll experience your Creator's love for you and hear more about His/Her plans for you. You'll get concrete next steps you can follow.

I've combined all of this into powerful, one-of-a-kind sessions tailored just for you that go direct to your heart and spirit for support and direction that is both mystical and at the same time very practical. 


Our calls will focus on your deepest being--your heart and soul, your personal connection to the Divine, and your unique contribution to this world.

Coaching is custom tailored and personalized for you and your needs, but the basic structure is as follows: 

  • ONE 90-Minute Initial Start-Up Call 
  • TWO 60-minute Calls a month based on the length of your contract
  • ONE 90-Minute Completion Call
  • Learn and integrate my SHINE MethodTM for following Spirit and moving past fear and doubt to your highest path
  • Personalized and divinely inspired homework and steps to take between sessions
  • Full email support during the length of your coaching

Together we will co-create with your Higher Power (God, Source, Creator, the Universe, Spirit--however you know it to be) the LEGACY OF LOVE you are here to share with the world.

We’ll break through any limiting beliefs you may have, focus your actions, and navigate the struggles along the way. You’ll remember who you are and where you want to go. You'll get to embrace what feels like your own brand of unicorn-ness to express your unique creation. You'll remember that you belong, and that your contribution is important.

It's time to stop getting lost, delayed, sidetracked, or stuck in resistance. We’ll keep you focused and on track with your higher-self and vision.

Often doing the work to contribute out there brings into focus other areas of your life that need adjusting. Money, work, family, your relationships with others, and your relationship with yourself are all intertwined. As guided, we'll address those too. 

You’ll have an opportunity to make a new commitment to self-love and living your passion, to find your voice and the strength to fight for what you want to create. 

Together we'll hold up a mirror and see the amazing dreams that are possible for you, and get fearlessly committed to you achieving them!

It's time to take it to the next level.

When you choose to walk the path with your Creator's help, it lets you access the full potential of the LIGHT and LOVE that you are. It helps you move mountains and change the world.

If you're ready to build your SOULFUL LEGACY OF LOVE, then click on the link below to book a consultation call, and we'll see if working together is the right next step for us both.

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*All booking requests, application details, and details of any calls or sessions are kept confidential and private.


Working with Jenny has reignited a passion for life that I thought was forever lost. I thank God for finding her so that I may find my way home.

"I was feeling stuck in my career; missing passion, motivation, and inspiration to move forward. I was feeling confused around what my business should look like next, and unsure how to find the answers. I was also looking to build and strengthen my relationship with God. Jenny guided me in remembering that I have purpose and a divine right to live my purpose. She helped me break through large barriers that were standing in my way and tap into my own resources to find the rebranding for my business. I am now confident of the steps to move forward, but I also know that in those moments where I feel less than confident (because life happens), I can find the faith and trust within to move forward in a way that is serving to me, my passion and my purpose. I am so thankful and grateful for Jenny."

Arianne Moore, Women's Empowerment Coach

"My work with Jenny was deep. She lovingly held space with me to process and explore what had been hidden. It was a gift to have her presence to help me on this journey of healing. Her guidance is instrumental and this work made all the difference. Thank you for helping me gain focus and clarity."

~ Debbi Dachinger, Podcast host, international bestselling author, speaker, media visibility strategist, consultant, red carpet correspondent


I know that working with Jenny to get to that first step on my path to my dream was the best decision that I could’ve made.

"I started working with Jenny when I began to have questions about what is my purpose in the world. I was in between jobs, in a mixed up place in my life, not sure which direction I was taking next. I wanted to connect deeper in my spirit, and find work that fulfilled me; to really bring what was in my heart outward into the world. Working with Jenny gave me a loving and safe container to explore and a foundation for my purpose. Having the connection to the spiritual further reinforced and guided me to where I felt called. I was able to keep following those first seeds I planted with Jenny and the path we created, and a year later I got to my dream of owning and operating a beautiful lakeside retreat facility!"

~ EmilyFounder The Four Pillars Retreat Centre

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More about Jenny

Jenny is an author, speaker, channel and spiritual coach, whose vision and life’s work are all about amplifying Love on the planet and helping us live and serve in soulful alignment with God. She was featured on Hay House Radio's Bright New Voices, in Visionary Insight Press's Spiritual Leaders Top Picks, and hosts the AMPLIFY LOVE Podcast.

Formerly a lawyer, Jenny left law to find her true purpose. She became a mother of three and therapist. When she saw her first angel in the Calgary Airport, Jenny discovered her ability to bridge people to the spiritual realm for answers and direction. In 2013, she heard Jesus and the angels tell her she had an assignment to write the book Love's Curriculum for them. This spiritual guidebook became a #1 Amazon International Bestseller.

Jenny's been called a Renaissance Woman, a Soul Advocate, Dream Doula, Earth Angel, and Channeling Consigliere. As a spiritual coach, she is here to support the biggest visions of your heart and soul.

Jenny is committed to guiding influencers, leaders, and change-makers who want to build a world where we embrace and respect our diversity to create an inclusive, healthy, and just world for all. She helps remind you that you are Love, you are loved, and you are divinely guided by your Creator.

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Find out if Soulful Legacy CoachingTM is a fit.

To learn more and talk with Jenny personally and confidentially about coaching, you can take the next step by booking a private consultation below.

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